May day

Oh the nostalgia and existential questions that accompany each birthday – amplified by “x years ago today” Facebook alerts and well-wishes from family and friends and people you worked with years ago who happen to open LinkedIn at just the right (or wrong) time.

Birthdays make you think about – and do – the darnedest things.

I’m not quite at the mid-life mark.

And I did the whole “buy a motorcycle” thing a long time ago; long before I had the Auckland motorway to contend with, and kids to come home to.

So this birthday month I’m doing three things:

  1. Running the Hawkes Bay Half Marathon (there’s wine at the end of it, right?!)
  2. Buying a drone.
  3. And resurrecting this blog.

Not sure which one I’m worried about the most.

Wish me luck.