Post-run blood glucose result - 7.2!

I had to smile at this post-run blood test result.

Firstly, because it confirmed I’d managed my Skittles ® intake pretty well over the 2.5 hours I’d been on my feet.

But secondly, because I thought it was a fair score (out of 10) for how I felt overall about the Hawkes Bay Half Marathon – the first half marathon I’ve run since Taupo in 2012!

In no particular order:

  • I could have done without the 24kph SW headwind. The course was quite exposed to this in parts, particularly the second half. However, not much the organisers could have done about this … and at least the sun wasn’t beating down on us.
  • The course was nice and flat, and very scenic in parts – just like the promotional photos. There wasn’t as much running through the grapevine rows as I expected, but there were a couple of strategically-placed official race photographers – so I’m sure we’ll end up with one of those classic “running through the vineyard” shots.
  • It was the first time I’d race-tested my Apple Watch and AirPods combo – no iPhone. Worked a treat. Had both the Nike+ Running and the Music apps running the whole time on the watch. Finished the race with 38% battery still left on my Watch. AirPods had a similar amount of juice left. With luck they’ll go the distance (31kms) in Rarotonga … which is my next big running goal!
  • Although the race finished at Seleni Estate Winery, I didn’t much feel like wine after my slog. Luckily there was a decent selection of food and other beverages – including a particularly delicious “Snickers” slice from a wholefoods/organics vendor.
  • The weather became a bit more inclement as we went to sit down for lunch. This was a big shame – I think a lot of people would have stayed longer to enjoy the music and food had it not been so windy and cold.
  • I didn’t catch his name, but the Ed Sheeran-esque musician who entertained the crowd was really good!


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