What’s a couple years between drinks?

So … um … yeah … going to try and get back into the groove after a two year hiatus.

Mr. 8 is now Mr. 10.

And, sadly he didn’t win the competition … but his entry is still there for the world to see.

All this time I’ve spent hibernating at home over the past six weeks has given me lots of food for thought. And lots of things I’d like to share … just not on Facebook … or Twitter … and regardless of who does or doesn’t see them.

So I’ve fired up the blog again. Here we go …


May day

Oh the nostalgia and existential questions that accompany each birthday – amplified by “x years ago today” Facebook alerts and well-wishes from family and friends and people you worked with years ago who happen to open LinkedIn at just the right (or wrong) time.

Birthdays make you think about – and do – the darnedest things.

I’m not quite at the mid-life mark.

And I did the whole “buy a motorcycle” thing a long time ago; long before I had the Auckland motorway to contend with, and kids to come home to.

So this birthday month I’m doing three things:

  1. Running the Hawkes Bay Half Marathon (there’s wine at the end of it, right?!)
  2. Buying a drone.
  3. And resurrecting this blog.

Not sure which one I’m worried about the most.

Wish me luck.